About Us

GOGA was founded by Rachael Phillips and Trey Kitchen right after Hurricane Harvey landed in Texas. The couple wanted to find a way to raise money for Harvey victims, and Rachael had been bugging Trey about Goat Yoga since meeting his mother, Roxie, and her goats a few weeks prior. Trey finally called his mom to pitch their crazy idea to her, and being the crazy goat lady that she is, she agreed to partner with them! The three of them immediately found that their strengths and weaknesses perfectly complemented each other, and they quickly realized that they were going to make a great team. Rachael and Trey noticed that thousands of their GOGA customers had never tried regular Yoga before and this inspired them to start a regular Yoga studio, using GOGA as a way to introduce customers to the practice of Yoga in a more fun and less intimidating way. Watch us on "Shark Tank" on ABC.com!

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Services and Pricing

YOGA & GOGA offers goat yoga at our Yoga studio at the Hill Country Galleria in Bee Cave. Our regular Yoga (without goats) is paused at this time, but we do offer private yoga classes (please inquire for more information).
  • Regular Yoga classes

    Paused at this time; private classes offered (inquire for more information)

  • Goat Yoga classes

    $35 per person (plus sales tax)

  • Private goat yoga parties

    For private event inquiries, follow the below instructions:

    • Review pricing info below to ensure it is within your budget
    • Fill out google form below
    • Email ​[email protected]​ to notify them once the form is complete

    For private events at our studio, our price is $40/person and includes a 45 minute yoga class with baby goats.

    • All private events in-studio have a $800 minimum and are subject to availability. This means if your group is less than 20 people, it is a $800 flat rate. If it is more than 20 people, it is just $40/person.
    • Sales tax not included

    For private events off-site (your location), we have a $2000 minimum. This covers a 45 minutes baby goat yoga class of up to 30 people. Additional participants over 30 are an extra $40/person. 

    • This is for locations within 30 miles of our studio. Additional fees may apply if location is greater than 30 miles away.
    • For events starting before 10am, we have a $400 early start fee.
    • We are able to provide Yoga mats for a $200 flat rate (up to 30 mats). We can provide more mats if needed, additional fee may apply.
    • Sales tax not included

    Please understand that these goats are our beloved pets, and they live 2+ hours away. We will not overwork them (or our human staff) or keep them away from the ranch for long periods of time, and therefore our availability is limited.


Contact Us

Please enter the details of your request. We're currently responding to all inquiries and questions via email only and will likely not be able to answer or respond via phone. Please try email first and give us at least 1-3 business days to respond. We are a small family owned business run by one person, so email is the most efficient way to get in touch with us at this time. Thank you for understanding!