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GOGA Frequently Asked Questions

What on earth is GOGA?

We are so glad you asked! GOGA Goat Yoga is exactly what it sounds like. The Yoga portion is a Vinyasa Yoga class lasting 45 minutes. There is nothing traditional about the baby goat part, though. We will have baby Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf goats walking, running, hopping, and kissing their way around your mat throughout your practice.

Seriously, Goat Yoga is a thing?

Yes, yes it is!!!

But WHY? What are the benefits of Goat Yoga?

For decades, people have practiced Yoga to help relieve stress, lessen chronic pain, lower blood pressure, increase flexibility, and help with insomnia. However, it can be intimidating for newcomers to get into Yoga, and that is where the baby goats come in. Adding baby goats to your Yoga practice not only makes it easier to try for the first time due to the humorous and non-judgmental nature of the baby goats, but also can help experienced Yogis remember to not take themselves too seriously and that laughing during practice can be beneficial. Spending time with animals can help reduce stress because of their closeness to nature, and baby goats love to bond with people – often falling asleep on a Gogis back or cuddled up on somebody’s lap. GOGA is a great way to forget about your daily stresses for a bit, giving you the freedom to let go and laugh like a child again.

Why am I getting a payment error when trying to make multiple reservations?

We’re so sorry about this, we know how frustrating it it! It’s an issue with the payment processor thinking it’s a duplicate charge. It just needs 24 hours to re-set, and then you’ll be able to make another reservation with the same credit card. For groups larger than 2, go to your Zenplanner profile, add the rest of your group as family members, then send us an email at [email protected] and we will sign the rest of your group up for you at one time.

Can I touch the goats?

You better! The goats are very friendly and quite fond of human Gogis. If you’re lucky, they may even hop on your back during table top or cuddle up with you during Savasana! We do ask that you don’t chase them to pick them up…sometimes they just need a break. But when they welcome some gentle loving…love away!

Where does GOGA take place?

GOGA classes take place at our new Yoga studio in the Hill Country Galleria, located at 12700 Hill Country Blvd S-115 Bee Cave, TX 78738. We’re about 10 miles from the heart of downtown Austin.

What is your cancellation policy?

For a refund, cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to your scheduled event.

Where do the goats come from and where do they go when they grow up?

Thanks for caring! We have partnered with Roxie of Roxie the Crazy Goat Lady to provide our goats for GOGA classes. Roxie raises Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf goats as if they were their own babies (many of them are even hand delivered in Roxie’s house, you wouldn’t believe her stories!), and she is the epitome of an animal lover and goat expert. The goats live on a 50 acre ranch and have climate controlled barns to rest safely and comfortable at night. GOGA was founded with the promise that the safety of the baby goats will never be compromised. When the babies are old enough to leave their mamas, Roxie ensures that they go to great homes, and that the buyers/new family members are fit to take great care of them

Can I purchase GOGA gift certificates for my friends/family?

Yes! You can purchase an e-gift card here. Please note that each Goat Yoga ticket is $35, so enter the correct amount in increments of $35 depending on how many tickets you would like to give.



Can I bring food/treats to feed the goats?

Please…pretty please with baby goats on top, DO NOT FEED the goats. Our babies are on a strict diet, some even bottle fed, and we do not want to do anything to mess with their tummies. Thank you!

How many goats are in each GOGA class?

We are continually experimenting until we find the perfect goat to human ratio, but we will always make sure there are enough to go[at] around

Is it BYOG (Bring Your Own Goat)?

That is an intriguing idea, but for now (darn insurance rules), we will provide all of the goats.

Is it BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat)?

Yes, that you can bring. We do have plenty of extra mats for those traveling from out of town that you can borrow at no cost on a first come, first served basis.

Can I take pictures during class?

Um, yes! We will also be taking photos and posting them on Facebook for you to download, to ensure you don’t miss too many perfect photo opps. Be sure to tag us @gogagoatyoga and #gogagoatyoga in your social media posts!

When are the next classes and how do I reserve a spot?

You can find Goat Yoga event dates on our Zenplanner calendar. If there are no upcoming events for the month you are looking for, that means we are still working on finalizing the details for that month. The best way to find out about classes and reserve a spot is to follow our Facebook or Instagram pages and turn on your notifications so that you are notified when we post information and instructions to register for our upcoming events. 

Do you offer private/corporate events and classes?

We are now offering private parties and corporate classes. Please send an email to [email protected] so that we can follow up with you regarding logistics and pricing.

Are kids allowed?

Kids ages 10+ are welcome to join you during a Goat Yoga class (if under 16, must be accompanied by an adult)

Will the goats eat my hair?

That is a very strange question, but weirdly you are not the first to ask. The baby goats may mistake your hair for straw, but their top front teeth have not grown in yet so you won’t go home with a haircut (a little slobber maybe, but that never killed anyone, right?) Their human moms, the 2CrazyGoatLadies, still have plenty of hair left on their heads, if that’s any consolation.

Is crying allowed?

We welcome crying so long as it is happy crying.

Where does the charity aspect come into play?

GOGA was founded with a large focus on giving back to Austin, TX – the community we are so grateful to be a part of. We will have a different charity twist on each of our events, and will also continue to donate a portion of our proceeds to local nonprofits (or in some cases, disaster relief in other cities/states). Additionally, we have committed to  donating 100% of the profits from our shirt sales to local nonprofits, specific to the month/time of year.

Are the goats going to pee/poop on me?

Maybe. We have put diapers and onesies on the babies in the past, but we’ve found that they are much more comfortable and playful while naked (aren’t we all?). It rarely happens, so consider yourself the Lucky One if it happens to you.

Can I take a goat home with me?

Not from the event, but if you are interested in adding a little Gogi to your family, visit www.2crazygoatladies.com. They do have a wait list, so hopefully the Yoga will help your patience.

Do you have a wait list for sold out events?

Currently we do not have a wait list in place, so please be sure to like and follow our Facebook page to be the first to find out about upcoming GOGA events. Our classes typically sell out, so we recommend you reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Can’t you just add more classes?

We do not want to over-work the goats, which is why we don’t add more classes once an event date is sold out.

Private Event Inquiries

For private event inquiries, follow the below instructions:
  • Review pricing info below to ensure it is within your budget
  • Fill out google form below
  • Email ​[email protected]​ to notify them once the form is complete
For private events at our studio, our price is $40/person and includes a 45 minute yoga class with baby goats.
  • All private events in-studio have a $800 minimum and are subject to availability. This means if your group is less than 20 people, it is a $800 flat rate. If it is more than 20 people, it is just $40/person.
  • Sales tax not included
For private events off-site (your location), we have a $2000 minimum. This covers a 45 minutes baby goat yoga class of up to 30 people. Additional participants over 30 are an extra $40/person. 
  • This is for locations within 30 miles of our studio. Additional fees may apply if location is greater than 30 miles away.
  • For events starting before 10am, we have a $400 early start fee.
  • We are able to provide Yoga mats for a $200 flat rate (up to 30 mats). We can provide more mats if needed, additional fee may apply.
  • Sales tax not included
Please understand that these goats are our beloved pets, and they live 2+ hours away. We will not overwork them (or our human staff) or keep them away from the ranch for long periods of time, and therefore our availability is limited.    

Contact us

Please enter the details of your request. We're currently responding to all inquiries and questions via email only and will likely not be able to answer or respond via phone. Please try email first and give us at least 1-3 business days to respond. We are a small family owned business run by one person so email is the most efficient way to get in touch with us at this time. Thank you for understanding!