GOGA Goat Yoga

What is GOGA?

GOGA is like…Yoga, but with baby goats. While Goat Yoga is making its way across the nation, GOGA is truly the first of its kind. GOGA includes only baby goats in its classes, which typically weigh around 10-20 lbs. This makes it easier for attendees who are first-time yogis, and helps keep it as safe as possible. Baby goats are often more human-friendly, because they like to be cuddled and/or play “king of the hill”…or should we say, “king of the plank.”

GOGA classes are convenient to attend, with both locations including free parking and access to several restaurants and retailers. GOGA’s first location is in the heart of downtown Austin at Lamar Union. GOGA also just opened a second location at the Hill Country Galleria in Bee Cave, which will also include regular Yoga (sans goats) 7 days/week starting in the fall of 2018.

Giving Back to the Community

GOGA was founded with a large focus on giving back. GOGA will have a different charity twist on each of its events, and will also continue to donate a portion of its proceeds to local nonprofits or disaster relief. Additionally, GOGA has committed to donating 100% of the profits from all shirt sales to local nonprofits, specific to the charity each event is benefiting.

Meet the Team

GOGA was founded by Rachael Phillips and Trey Kitchen right after Hurricane Harvey landed in Texas. The couple wanted to find a way to raise money for Harvey victims, and Rachael had been bugging Trey about Goat Yoga since meeting his mother, Roxie, and her goats a few weeks prior. Trey finally called his mom to pitch their crazy idea to her, and being the crazy goat lady that she is, she agreed to partner with them!

The three of them immediately found that their strengths and weaknesses perfectly complemented each other, and they quickly realized that they were going to make a great team.


Rachael Phillips


Rachael’s professional experience is in digital advertising, internet marketing, and product marketing, so her role in GOGA encompasses all things marketing, branding, event planning/promotion, customer service, and public relations. Rachael is an animal lover and a firm believer in holistic health. She personally thinks that almost anything can be healed through laughter, a positive attitude, an active lifestyle, animals/nature, and meditation, and GOGA is the perfect combination of these things. Her “WHY” is seeing the authentic joy and happiness on GOGA attendees’ faces class after class.

Trey Kitchen


Trey is the numbers guy, with a background in finance and economics. He makes sure that everything is running smoothly from a business perspective, and that GOGA’s day-to-day operations are sustainable. In addition to managing the business and operations part of GOGA, Trey’s most important and challenging role is making sure that Rachael does not bring home baby goats, lambs, cows, dogs, donkeys, etc. every time they visit Roxie’s ranch.

Roxie Banker

2CrazyGoatLadies Founder

Roxie’s partnership with GOGA brings a crucial piece to the GOGA puzzle….baby goats! Roxie is a true goat lover and expert. She has been raising Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf goats (to sell them as family pets) for several years and has a true passion for her herd. She knows each of her goats by name and treats them like part of the family. It is not uncommon to find a baby goat or rescued bottle-fed orphan lamb inside of her house. In fact, she even has a pet squirrel! She not only brings her baby goats to GOGA events, but she also helps GOGA ensure that the baby goats are healthy and happy at all times.

Visit www.2crazygoatladies.com to learn more.


Sophie & Zoe

Celebrity Baby Goats

Sophie and Zoe are sisters…not by blood, but by their common love for eating. Sophie took Zoe under her wing soon after Zoe was born and has mentored her ever since. Having the same calm and cuddly demeanor (unless there’s food…food over everything), it’s no wonder they have been stealing the hearts of gogis and TV hosts alike.

View their segment on CBS Austin to see their 4 minutes of fame.